In the latest of our breeder interviews, we have the answers from the great people at Hermetic Genetics to share with all of you…

1.In a few sentences, can you tell us where and when you got your start?

1997 is when we started breeding we purchased the seeds from a hemp fest with the intent to Breed. From that we saw many diverse phone types this is what gave us the drive and excitement to start our journey.

2.What was the first strain you ever grew?

The first intentional star  where we knew what it was called was Trainwreck.

3.What strains are you most known for

Root Beer Float from the Jager cut.

4.When it comes to strain names, do you think it’s best to use a name with the parent plants in mind or generate a new one in terms of taste and high?

There should be something known for the credit lineage

5.What motivates you as breeder and grower?

Personal Taste, and Celebrating the diversity in Cannabis

6.When you approach a new breeding project, what are the Top 3 things you are looking for?

Vigor, Stability, Market Value

7.Do you have any special projects in the works you would be willing to share with us?

We have recently grown some 17 year old seed stock thats the original line of the sherbet hybrid. So there will be some new Crosses coming out in 2021 connected to this project.

8.Favorite growing medium?


9.Favorite Light?

MH for Veg HPS flowering, but looking into moving to LED in the future.

10. One thing that you would tell anyone that bought a pack of your seeds?

I appreciate all of our customers. Im always available for anyone that has questions please reach out through our website, I genuinely want everyone to be successful.